Your best recipe for macaroni and cheese?

I am in desperate need of a recipe for macaroni and cheese for Thanksgiving. To preface my question, I am used to a Southern style custard baked macaroni and cheese but I can't seem to recreate my grandmother's seemingly simple sounding recipe. Does anyone have a tried and true not too creamy, just cheesy enough baked macaroni and cheese recipe? I've tried Patti LaBelle's recipe and it didn't work out so well so looking for something else or any tips for that recipe.

Turbeville Green


Regine November 13, 2013
This is the recipe I use given by a friend of mine called Myrna. So I call it Gratin de Macaroni a la Myrna or Myrna's Mac and Cheese. It is very good.

Gratine de Macaroni
· 1 box of Penne pasta (16 oz)
· 16 oz grated extra sharp cheddar cheese (4 cups)
· 1 whole onion (medium size-chopped small)
· 1 can evaporated/carnation milk
· 2 tbsp of mayonnaise
· 2 tsp mustard
· 1 Stick of butter plus a little bit more
· Dash of nutmeg
· Dash of Thyme
· Salt (to taste; add after you’ve tried the sauce with the cheese)

1. Boil pasta in a large pot (let water boil first, then add pasta)…add half spoonful of salt to the boiling water
2. Once pasta is cooked (do not let overcook-keep firm), drain the water out and rinse with cold water
3. Once all the water is drained
4. Put pasta in a large bowl for mixing
5. Mix in the mayo and mustard

6. In a deep pan, melt the one stick of butter.
7. Once melted add the onion and cook until translucent
8. Add milk.
9. Once boiling mildly, add the cheese
10. Stir very slowly until sauce thickens with a wooden spoon
11. Taste and add salt if necesary
12. Pour bechamel sauce on the pasta and mix well
13. In a pirex pan, add a little bit of butter around pan so that pasta does not stick to bottom when baking
14. Add pasta in pan
15. Sprinkle some parmesan cheese on top to create the “gratin-(crust on top)”
16. Add small cubes of butter on top layer of pasta as well
17. Put in the oven and bake for 30 minutes/350 degrees
aargersi November 13, 2013
Do you mean a mac and chese that you can cut into squares rather than the gooey sloppy kind? That's how I make it usually - here's is a recipe using roasted roots (which is pretty Southern-y) but you could easily use ham hock, or just ham, different veggies, or whatever flavor profile you are going for:
KimmyV November 13, 2013
Gourmet has a great recipe. It calls for extra shap white cheddar, which is what my grandmother always used. It is very rich and creamy.
Turbeville G. November 14, 2013
Extra sharp white and yellow are the same right except for the addition of Annato?
KimmyV November 14, 2013
Extra sharp white tastes very different from extra sharp yellow. Not sure where you live but I think it's a northeast thing. Although tillamook makes a great white cheddar. White cheddar is flaky and dry and very very good!
jmburns November 12, 2013
Alton Browns Mac and Cheese is the most downloaded recipe on Food Network Recipe Site.
Bevi November 12, 2013
Alton's stove top or baked recipe?
Ellen November 12, 2013
Martha Stewart's
Bevi November 12, 2013
joanne November 12, 2013
I have been using Rachel Rays recipe for years and it's fantastic. Ina Gartens is very nice too.
lapadia November 12, 2013
Hi! Here is one version Mac&Cheese I make = a Mac Bundt, great presentation on the TG table, use your favorite cheeses:
lapadia November 12, 2013
Hi! Here is one version Mac&Cheese I make = a Mac Bundt, great presentation on the TG table, use your favorite cheeses:
lapadia November 12, 2013
oops, sorry about the double entry.
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