What size macaroni to use with this recipe?

I'm making baked mac and cheese based off of a recipe from Basics with Babish. I have two sizes of macaroni here: small and large. They are the same weight (1 pound) but the box of large macaroni is almost twice the volume of the small macaroni box, and I think the amount of pasta in the dish would make a difference in how well the pasta gets coated with cheese. The written recipe is here: https://basicswithbabish.co/basicsepisodes/macandcheese and the video of it (timestamped) is here: https://youtu.be/FUeyrEN14Rk...

I really need to know which of these two sizes to use. I don't want to use the small macaroni and end up with a disappointing amount of mac and cheese, but I also don't want to use the large macaroni and end up with a proper serving of mac and cheese, but not cheesy enough.

Jesse Wiatrak
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1 Comment

Nancy February 22, 2021
Jesse - I think you'll get more guidance from Basics with Babish web page for the mac and cheese than the YouTube video.
The web page lists several recipes, their ingredient lists and methods.
Two each use 8 or 16 oz dry macaroni, one uses 6 oz.
Pick one recipe and use that ingredient list and method throughout.
If really worried the bigger size macaroni will give too much volume when cooked, use the smaller size.
Or, uf unsure, use half each of the smaller and larger size dry mac...for example, half a lb box each of you make one of the recipes using 1 lb total dry.
Or, if you have a scale, measure any size dry mac until it tips the scale at needed weight.
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