freezing cake layers for semifreddo cake

I've made my favourite sponge layers and stuffed them in the freezer - the idea is to pour unfrozen semifreddo mixture between the layers and freeze the whole thing for an ice cream cake.

will this work? will my cake layers be soft after the semifreddo has firmed (and I let it out to thaw slightly at room temperature before serving)? I am thinking of using the chocolate-caramel frosting for the outside!


  • Posted by: sonya
  • November 13, 2013


RespectThePastry November 13, 2013
Ahh a cake ring! Well that does make a difference! By all means go ahead and use un-frozen semifreddo. This all sounds very wonderful :D
sonya November 13, 2013
does it make a difference that i am using a cake ring, and the semifreddo will be poured inside a cake border? so it (ideally, of course) will not flow out? I have three flat cake layers, and two that are just a round border of cake (made by cutting out a circle in the centre).

thanks again!
RespectThePastry November 13, 2013
Pouring the unfrozen semifreddo onto your frozen cake will NOT be detrimental to your cake, it WILL become messy. It would make a heck of a lot more sense to harden your semifreddo in the freezer until it is a spreadable consistency that holds it's shape. This way when you layer cake on top of semifreddo it doesnt squish out from the weight of the cake.

Good luck!
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