Hello - how much oil do you need? How long do they usually take to be tender?

  • Posted by: Sascha
  • November 16, 2013
Blistered Shishito Peppers
Recipe question for: Blistered Shishito Peppers


dymnyno November 18, 2013
I use a generous coating of olive oil and throw in the peppers and continue shaking until the peppers blister but before they blacken. I hand pick the smallest peppers that I can find and hope for ones that are not too too hot(it's a gamble). Season with a sprinkle of sea salt.
BoulderGalinTokyo November 18, 2013
We cook shishito peppers for about 7 months of the year ( just 2 plants in the garden). We are not a fan of the blistered or burnt taste so we cook our peppers until they are softened but still bright green (will continue to cook some after removing from the heat.) I guess that makes it about 'half raw', which is one of the advantages of shishito. Salt and oil as Trena and QueenSashy say.
QueenSashy November 17, 2013
The amount of oil will depend on the size of your pan, but you basically want enough oil to coat the pan generously.
Trena H. November 17, 2013
Sascha - I make these all the time using padron peppers that I grow in my garden. Place a frying pan over medium high heat, when heated add 2 Tablespoons olive oil. Fry until black and blistered, approximately 3-5 minutes, on each side. Sprinkle generously with sea salt. Enjoy!
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