I'm roasting 2 13.5lb turkeys for T Day in a convection oven. About how long do I need to leave myself to roast them? Thx!



jaimeh November 20, 2013
Thanks Dessito, appreciate it. I am making both at the same time and not stuffing them.
Dessito November 20, 2013
Oh, sorry -- the above rule of thumb is for unstuffed turkeys. I don't make stuffed ones, but I time per pound will probably be closer to 16-17 minutes.
Dessito November 20, 2013
It depends primarily on whether you are roasting the birds stuffed (longer cooking time) or not, but whether the meat is brined or dry-rubbed affects cooking time too. Basic rule of thumb is 13-14 minutes per pound for a turkey that is fully thawed and has sat out of the fridge for at least an hour before cooking, if you use an oven preheated to 450, which you lower to 350 as you are placing the bird in. So for each bird, plan about 3-3.5 hours, while of course checking. I am not sure if you plan to have both turkeys simultaneously in one oven. If this is the case, then the time should be adjusted but will probably not quite double. This scenario will obviously take more attention and checking towards the end on your part. My guess will be that if you leave yourself 6 hours in total, you should be fine (and probably done at some point after the 5th hour).
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