Can you cook the turkey a day ahead and then reheat it in the oven?



SallyBroff November 21, 2012
Cook the turkey in some chicken stock and a bittle of dry sherry. Cool then carve, including slicing the breast, which is easy after removing in one piece. Put all the meat in a casserole or 9 x 13 cake pan and pour cooking juice over it. Cover, refrigerate, and heat covered with foil before serving. It comes out totally moist and you can present the other bird at the table.
soupcon November 21, 2012
Do one on the barbeque if you have a gas fired one. Prepare as normal cook as normal in it's pan but offset it so that is not directly over the flame. This way your bbq acts like an oven. You can also cook cakes, pies and most anything you cook in a regular oven this way. Just keep checking the internal meat temp as barbeques are a little more difficult to regulate and the turkey may under or over cook.
Kristy M. November 21, 2012
Technically, yes, but your risk of dry meat increases significantly. What else are you cooking? Maybe we can help you figure out what else you can make ahead, so there's time (and room in your oven) for the turkey tomorrow.
matthewreznicek November 21, 2012
The problem is we're cooking two different turkeys, plus desserts and sides. I thought I'd get one turkey done ahead of time.
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