I've read that the best way to make smooth, lump-less mashed potatoes is with a food mill, and using a mix of Yukon and Russett. Do you agree?



babytiger November 22, 2013
I also use a ricer. I put the cooked potatoes through the ricer right over the milk/stock/butter/seasoning, etc. Then I gently mix everything (only need a few toss) and it's done. It stays nice and fluffy.
jonilynn November 22, 2013
I use a ricer and I use whatever potatoes are
on sale. I also really like to add cream cheese and sour cream... Makes the texture extra creamy and gives them a subtle kick of flavor.
Pegeen November 22, 2013
June, what is a "German butterball"? Thanks.
ChefJune November 22, 2013
Growing up, Mom (or one of us) always used the food mill. It makes stellar mashed potatoes. A ricer is just (to me) a smaller version that takes more elbow grease. Plus, you don't have to peel the potatoes if you use the food mill. I like German butterballs best for mashed potatoes.
Patti I. November 22, 2013
I love my ricer!
Pegeen November 22, 2013
I'm Irish so the term "mashed potatoes" is very literal for me. They were mashed with a solid wood pounder - a cylinder about two inches wide. Then in place of that, a wire pounder witha wood handle and "S-shape" wires at the base for mortifying the potatoes. And then the beaters of an electric mixer, pounding them down into the just-boiled potatoes before adding any milk or cream, butter, salt, pepper and whipping them with the beaters.
I've never seen anyone use a potato ricer in my family but that's why you move to new countries, right?

I think all you need is a hand mixer. You smash the potatoes with them, add your liquids and butter, then start
Benny November 21, 2013
just get and use a simple potato ricer. it will make life much easier and yield the same, if not better, results in terms of mashed potatoes

A food mill has a wider range of uses, but is bulky to store and a little clumsier to use.
Thistle November 21, 2013
I also like all Yukons. I've decided not to get on board with the ricer or food mill, I prefer mine with some texture like my mother always made.

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Monita November 21, 2013
I think the key is using a ricer rather than a food mill. I prefer all yukons
pierino November 22, 2013
Okay, I'm in the ricer camp too. Although for smooth mashed potatoes I personally prefer russets.
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