what wine are you serving at thanksgiving

just looking for ideas

Big G-man


ukimmeru November 24, 2013
We are serving champagne, a reserved chambourcin with the main course, port for dessert, and underberg digestive.
Big G. November 24, 2013
Love all the great suggestions
lloreen November 24, 2013
A gorgeous Charbono from Summers vineyard in Ca. Also, Cloudy Bay Savignnon Blanc. Normally my table wine is 10 or under, but this is a day for a big splurge.
Greenstuff November 23, 2013
Excellent choice, Soozll! Love that Mendocino Ridge area, and everything Navarro does is first class.
Soozll November 23, 2013
I serve Pinot. I get mine from Navarro Vineyard. Here's the link:
bigpan November 23, 2013
Red !
Big G. November 23, 2013
im thinking cotes du rhone...burnt out on $30 Pinot that disappoint
maybe zins and sancerre
probably some zins as well ... mayb
ellenl November 23, 2013
Dry hard cider.
Greenstuff November 23, 2013
If you're having turkey, it's amazing the range of wines that go with it. From the spicy all-American Zinfandels to the sparkling wines to the ciders and Rieslings that Felicia Mualim is serving. And just remember that pinot noir is French for "goes with everything."
Felicia M. November 23, 2013
Sparkling ciders & dry Rieslings are nice
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