Transporting all the things?!?!

Our house is too small for the clan but I am head cook, so I will be happily cooking several pies, sides, cranberry sauces, you know - but taking them to a second location. (Mercifully will be cooking turkey on location.) It just dawned on me that this is the most food I will ever have transported any where. I have but one cake keeper and no budget for a massive buying spree. I would be grateful for any tips and hacks for transporting multiple dishes across town!

  • Posted by: JadeTree
  • November 23, 2013


SKK November 24, 2013
Get boxes from grocery or liquor stores. Cut them down and tape them up per the size of what you will be carrying. Use newspapers or towels to fill in the gaps. Another possibility is to purchase file boxes from Office Depot, for example. The advantage of this is you will be able to stack the boxes. Once again, newspapers and or towels will keep things stable as you move them. Have fun!
lloreen November 24, 2013
Can you use towels to wedge between dishes and keep them from moving around?
Lisi32 November 23, 2013
Do you have passengers in the car with you? If yes, put them in charge of securing all your dishes on laps, between feet, etc. my kids have been well trained on this responsibility and can offer tips to your passengers. ;)

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