Best use for mixed mushrooms?

I have a beatiful bag of mushrooms (oyster, crimini, shitake, wood ear etc) from the farmer's market. I would like to do a mushroom dish for thanksgiving - all I can think to do is to Sautée them with butter and sage. Any other ideas? They really fresh, delicate mushrooms and I want to showcase them.

  • Posted by: lloreen
  • November 24, 2013


pierino November 25, 2013
Sautee with garlic, sage and parsley by all means. In order to showcase the mushrooms you could serve them over a soft polenta.
Bevi November 25, 2013
Mushroom lasagna. Ina has a good recipe.
amysarah November 24, 2013
Also from Smitten Kitchen (originally from Gourmet) - I've done this recipe a few times:
Really good, served just like she shows with some crusty bread to soak of the juices. You can use any kind of mushrooms. Maybe a good first course or appetizer, depending on how much you have.
Pegeen November 24, 2013
The Smitten Kitchen link for Mushroom & Stilton Galette is:
Pegeen November 24, 2013
You lucky devil. Enjoy them!

Fricassee of Chanterelles

Mushroom & Stilton Galette

Wild Mushroom Bread Puddings (individual)

Mushroom Stroganoff
creamtea November 24, 2013
Here is the wild-rice mushroom soup link
Emily W. November 24, 2013
I have been on a mushroom kick lately and tried this dish last week. It was great and the mushroom flavor was very prominent.
creamtea November 24, 2013
Sunset Magazine had a beautiful salad last month with mushrooms roasted in a 400º oven (drizzle olive oil, seasoned with salt and pepper and fresh thyme leaves) roast 15 minutes. Served with a dressing of shallot, sherry vinegar, hazelnut or olive oil. Served over mixed lettuces and garnished with shavings of manchego sheese and roasted hazelnuts. It was delicious; you could also use roasted mushrooms on their own, adorning a soup (williams-sonoma has a terrific mushroom soup on their site. I make a variant of it for T-giving every year). Roasting the mushrooms concentrates their marvellous flavor.
thymetogarden November 24, 2013
I like to sauté in butter and then add Italian or Caesar bottled dressing for marinated mushrooms. I always use sliced button mushrooms since I don't usually have the mixed. It might overpower the mixed mushroom flavors.
Maedl November 24, 2013
You could saute them and then add to a light cream sauce, which I would make with a combination of chicken(or turkey) broth and cream.
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