Can fresh mushrooms be sauted and frozen?

I have been interested in recipes for mushroom lasagna and the local produce store has a wide variety on sale this week. But I don't think I will be making lasagna for the next 2-3 months. Could I sauté the mushrooms and keep them until lasagna season rolls around?



Windischgirl June 21, 2017
No problem at all! Just be sure to sauté until the mushrooms release all their liquid and are just starting to brown. I pack tightly into a plastic container for freezing. I would portion as Creamtea suggests. Sounds great!
creamtea June 21, 2017
Yes, sautéed mushrooms should freeze well. I would portion them evenly into ziplock bags, press out the air, and lay them flat to freeze. If you are more organized than I am, you could label them with the amount and the date.
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