what are the ingredients for 12 people..

Fall Pear and Potato Gratin
Recipe question for: Fall Pear and Potato Gratin


creamtea November 24, 2013
I would just double the ingredients as Kate said and divide between two baking dishes. If you don't have two, use one disposable (that one might take a little less time, just check sooner for doneness). You should have plenty, even though the original recipe as written says 4-6, you don't have to do exact math by tripling it, doubling should be enough.
Kerry N. November 24, 2013
Yesterday I was able to increase the number of people for the recipe and get ingredients updated... can not find that today. Can u help me?
figgypudding November 24, 2013
Hi Kerry, since this recipe is for a 9x11 baking dish, I would actually recommend making two Gratins (recipe twice) in two different baking dishes. It does, however, depend on how much other food you plan on serving. If this is for Thanksgiving dinner with several other sides, you might be just fine with the one dish. Hope this helps, and happy cooking!
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