Is there a simple kitchen chore you really hate? So much so that if the recipe calls for it you usually move on? I hate pounding chicken breasts. I don't know why. It's not difficult or messy. I just hate doing it. Inquiring minds want to know.

Pat E. in SLO


rpenovich December 7, 2010
My son loves to pound the chicken--using a special wooden mallet with a metal corrugated side. I just set up the breasts on the cutting board between 2 sheets of plastic wrap and he goes for it. Have to watch so he doesn't pound them too thin! He's 8 and loves a schnitzel I make with turkey cutlets so the pounding is always his job. I'm with Nora--I HATE washing pots and pans by hand after doing all the cooking and kitchen prep tasks so that's hubby's job!
jenmmcd December 6, 2010
Threading meat on skewers. My son's favorite dish is chicken satay (anything on a stick is great for a kid, I guess) and even though it's so easy to make it, I just can't stand the idea...

As for pounding chicken, I hate it too. It does seem to help if I put the chicken into a big freezer ziplock bag to do it. Keeps down on the mess and splatter.
Nora December 6, 2010
Washing pots and pans by hand. Mostly, I leave them for my husband who doesn't seem to mind.
thirschfeld December 5, 2010
I hate having to wash my hands in order to make myself a cocktail or pour a glass of wine. For shit sakes I am making your dinner after all. LOL.
mrslarkin December 5, 2010
I don't like cooking. I'd much rather bake a cake. Shocking, right?
campagnes December 5, 2010
My mother practically begged me to make au gratin potatoes tonight. I thought of this thread and smiled wanly. :)
aargersi December 5, 2010
Making the salad! I don't know why, but I just do NOT like making the salad. Unless the whole meal IS the salad like one with grilled steak and poached eggs on top. AmySarah - look at onion goggles - they have them at Amazon - they are the BEST! I am onion sensitive too.
amysarah December 5, 2010
Funny, I was going to say loading the dishwasher - don't mind emptying it (except when my husband said he would and forgot!) because I feel like I'm completing something...loading it, I just feel like I have my hands in sloppy mess. Otherwise, I'd say peeling/chopping onions - my eyes are super sensitive to them.
drbabs December 5, 2010
I hate emptying the dishwasher, but I really have to get over it since I have to do it practically every day.
javal December 5, 2010
Making any type of pie crust, which makes desserts, meat pies or chicken pot pies a rarity in this house.
campagnes December 5, 2010
Peeling potatoes! I'm not a big potato fan anyway, so I can't substitute a thin-skinned, unpeeled potato in a dish, I usually skip right over it.
jessm4 December 4, 2010
doing dishes... bit pathetic but when i get my inner pretentious head chef on i use a ridiculous about of dishes and i hate the sight of them when the meal is done.
JessieLK December 4, 2010
I hate deboning anything. I also hate doing the dishes, so if something requires a lot of prep dishes, I likely won't cook it.
bluedepth December 4, 2010
I hate having to individually dry chunks of steak for some French recipes, but not doing it brings doubt that you've skipped one very vital step and the entire meal goes down in flames because of your omission. :)
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