My pie crusts are perfect before going into the oven. I fill them pull of beans on top of parchment, and the edges sag awfully.

I am using Ina Garten's pie crust recipe. Why are the edges sagging? I'm blind baking the crusts.

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EmilyC November 27, 2013
Have you tried freezing your crust for about 30 minutes before blind baking it? This + the dried beans will help prevent shrinkage of the crust.
stagneskitchen November 27, 2013
Thanks. Going to try this.
Mei C. November 27, 2013
You probably need to bake the crust a little longer before actually taking out the beans. How dark are your edges? Are they a warm brown? Or are they whiter and barely set? The crust will sag for sure if it's not baked and doesn't have enough structure.
Lindsay-Jean H. November 27, 2013
That looks beautiful! This thread has some ideas that might help for next time:
stagneskitchen November 27, 2013
Thanks a ton! This is great!
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