I bought a "Fresh" turkey, but it was pretty hard. I submerged it in a brine in the fridge yesterday (Tuesday noon). I flipped it this morning to eve

Turkey is a Diestal pasture raised bird. Brine is 2 gallons apple juice, half gallon water, 2.5 cups kosher salt, 1.25 cups honey, 5 lemons halved, herbs. Turkey brought home, immediately washed, and placed in previously prepped brine in the fridge.

Mark Chandler


Lisa R. November 27, 2013
The question seems a little unclear, but I think you are talking about defrosting the bird? If so, your question is right on time! Read: http://f52.co/IjbnOO
hardlikearmour November 27, 2013
Part of your question is missing. I know the Diestel birds -- I've been using them for the past few years. They have a thin coating of ice, but shouldn't be fully frozen.
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