I am making rolls recipe says can be refrigerated 30 minutes to six hours, can I be 12 hours

  • Posted by: Jane
  • November 27, 2013


Amanda H. November 27, 2013
Yes, totally -- you can punch down the dough in the morning, shape the rolls and either let them rise again in the fridge or just let them sit out and rise -- depending on when you're eating. Good luck and happy Thanksgiving!
Jane November 27, 2013
In the morning can they sit out for couple hour before I bake
Amanda H. November 27, 2013
If your fridge is on the cool side, it should be just fine.
Amanda H. November 27, 2013
Is this the first rise or after they've been shaped?
Jane November 27, 2013
This is the first rise says can be chilled for 30 minutes to six hours I am thinking 12 hrs
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