Does anybody know what “ramps” are? I need it for the “Buttermilk Ramp Biscuits” recipe.

Juan Rey


dymnyno December 1, 2013
Also, if you live in the West they are almost impossible to find. Very mild flavored spring onions when the bulb is barely formed are the closest.
creamtea December 1, 2013
Unfortunately they are only available in spring. You might substitute scallions for now!
lydia.sugarman December 1, 2013
Do you know how to use Google to do simple searches?
The name wild leek can also refer to Allium ampeloprasum, a species native to Europe. The name spring onion can also refer to scallions.
Allium tricoccum (commonly known as ramp,[1] ramps, spring onion, ramson, wild leek,[1] wood leek,[1] and wild garlic) is an early spring vegetable, a perennial wild onion with a strong garlic-like odor and a pronounced onion flavor.[2] Ramps are found across eastern North America, from the U.S. state of South Carolina to Canada. They are popular in the cuisines of the rural uplands of the American South, and also in the Canadian province of Quebec. Ramps also have a growing popularity in upscale restaurants throughout North America.
kimhw December 1, 2013
Ramps are a type of wild spring onion. They are extremely seasonal.
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