I have a recipe for a small batch of cinnamon rolls (less than a dozen) but would like to triple the recipe.

How do I triple a recipe for cinnamon rolls, especially when it involves yeast? I want to use the right amount of yeast.

Black Orchid


Shuna L. December 6, 2013
I agree with the above answers. All I might add is this: when proofing dough, use a container that is more like 4X the size of a regular batch. You want to give more dough more room.
soupcon December 5, 2013
Weight based measurements will be far more accurate than volume based measurements particularly wrt salt. So I would weigh all the ingredients of my original recipe and then triple them based on weight rather than volume.
Kels M. December 5, 2013
Just triple the amount of each ingredient, including the yeast. If you're doing a really long rise (like overnight or longer), you might not want to use as much yeast, but for a sweet dough, using 3x the original should be just fine.
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