I would like to start making Christmas cookies now and not freeze them. If they are stored tightly and each kind in a separate container; can

make them this far ahead. I plan on putting the individual containers on my enclosed porch where the temperature is very cold this time of year.

  • Posted by: Adianne
  • December 6, 2013


Maedl December 6, 2013
Many Christmas cookies should be baked ahead of time--many of the German cookies should be baked at least a month ahead so they can season. Any cookie with spices and/or honey improve with age. Traditional stollens should also be bakd in advance.
ChefJune December 6, 2013
You should be fine making them and storing them on your cold porch. Brings back memories of my childhood. We did that every year!
dymnyno December 6, 2013
If you store them in an airtight container and you live in Northern Idaho,or your porch is as cold as a freezer , you can store them on your porch.
Monita December 6, 2013
You cabn certainly make many kinds of Christmas cookies ahead of time but would be best to store them in your freezer
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