Individual Boozy christmas cake

I make the same christmas cake every year and love it. I want to make individual ones for some elderly people I know who live alone. Can anyone tell me how to scale down the temperature and heat settings for this.

Glenys Walker


Nancy August 27, 2020
I'm guessing traditional round shapes, yes?
Depends on size of individual cake.
Muffin tins, which each hold max half cup, take 15 to 18 minutes to bake.
Two layer cake pans (about 6 cups) take about half to 3/4 hour.
If your individual pans are between those volumes, times will also fall between minimum 1/4 hour and maximum 3/4 hour.
Or, you could bake in regikar size square pans (I know, not traditional), cut them in smaller squares and pack in square gift boxes.
Nancy August 27, 2020
I got carried away by the adjustment of time.
I was guessing the temp would be the same as normal ,about 325 to 350F, as it us when you make cupcakes from a regular cake recipe.
Also, check for doneness the usual way you do (toothpick, pressing finger on center top of cake,cetc).
Last, I would do a test run on a small batch for your home use before making the cakes intended for gifts.
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