Can I use oil to make linzer cookies instead of using butter?

  • Posted by: Barbara
  • December 9, 2013


Maedl December 9, 2013
Don’t expect the Linzers to have the rich flavor that those with butter would have. If you can’t use butter, I’d look for a cookie that doesn’t call for it. Many Italian recipes for biscotti don’t use butter, and there are a number of other cookies from the Mediterranean that would also work for you.
valnsc December 9, 2013
unfortunately, that i'm not sure of as use butter when needed and haven't substituted.
valnsc December 9, 2013
should not be a problem. use a vegetable oil. the cookie may not be as crumbly as a traditional linzer torte cookie made with butter. happy holidays.
Barbara December 9, 2013
Thanks for such a prompt response!

In exactly the same proportions? Recipes that sub oil for butter generally say 2/3 oil for butter.
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