Can the patisto be made ahead and frozen?

Karen Newell Young


ChefJune December 11, 2013
Pastitsio freezes every bit as well as lasagne. No problem cooking it from frozen, either. It generally takes no longer than a frozen lasagne.
cookbookchick December 12, 2013
ChefJune is right. My mother often made pastitsio ahead of time and froze it until she was ready to bake it.
jilhil December 11, 2013
Do you mean pastitsio? I haven't tried freezing it it uncooked myself, but I don't think the ingredients would suffer. A bigger concern for me would be cooking the frozen casserole - since pastitsio is usually pretty tall, and some of the ingredients are more dense than the others figuring out a cooking temp and time will be tricky unless you let it thaw first.
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