My husband brought me truffled honey from Italy a while back. It's sitting in my cupboard unused. What should I do with it?



stacey_ballis December 10, 2010
Get the ultra thin gingersnaps, spread with a ultra creamy cheese like a triple cream brie or port salut, drizzle with the truffle honey and top with a piece of crispy prosciutto.
melissav December 10, 2010
I'd mix it with some good quality butter and spread it on toast and sprinkle with sea salt.
Hilarybee December 10, 2010
Thanks, everyone! We don't eat a lot of meat, so I think I will likely use it on a very special cheese. I @bella s.f.- that sounds amazing. Living in Ohio, I likely won't see fresh figs until next summer. Sometimes I can get them this late in the year at my specialty store, but its a long shot.
bella S. December 9, 2010
Wish I had seen this earlier. It brought back a wonderful taste memory. I don't know where you might be able to find fresh figs, but if you can't, try this when you can. Slice each fig open but still held together, like opening a book. Put your favorite bleu cheese inside. Bleu d'Auverge is wonderful for this. Put the figs under the broiler till the cheese starts to bubble and melt. Take them out and spoon the truffle honey over the figs and cheese. It's really decadent and delicious.
innoabrd December 9, 2010
If you can get a really good greek yogurt, I think it'd be wonderful on that. One of my favourite greek deserts, and with a really special honey, well...
Ophelia December 8, 2010
A mild vanilla ice cream is one of my favorite things to drizzle honey on. Maybe make a lightly sweetened baked custard (or savory with goat cheese and a little lemon zest mixed in before baking) and drizzle over that?
aargersi December 8, 2010
SallyCan December 7, 2010
I vote for putting it on chevre, but think it also might be nice to use thinned with a little lemon juice, with a bit of oil and salt, as a basting glaze for roasted or grilled chicken or salmon.
amysarah December 7, 2010
Drizzled over good cheese sounds great to me. Going in another direction, I've had delicious sea scallops that were seared and served with a honey glaze, and scallops also go well with mushroomy maybe you could improvise a sea scallop with truffle honey glaze? Might be a pretty elegant dish.
vvvanessa December 7, 2010
toasted baguette spread with a mild chèvre or fresh ricotta with the honey drizzled over it would be rad. that whipped butter idea is awesome, too.
iuzzini December 7, 2010
Mmm- you could also try it drizzled over a soft cheese, or even a ricotta or chevre. Maybe make some homemade ricotta and drizzle it over that (on a baguette).
Food O. December 7, 2010
Hillarybee - it sitting on your shelf isn't making any special use of it. ANYTHING you do with it will be GRAND as long as you tell your husband that it's GRAND! He'll be so happy you didn't forget about it.
ps Manchego Cheese ROCKS
healthierkitchen December 7, 2010
If you can find a really good pecorino, young, like a Toscana, serve a slice with a little of the honey drizzled over and maybe a sekle pear or two alongside.
hardlikearmour December 7, 2010
I think it would be amazing in this recipe.
I'd also consider doing a whipped honey butter for homemade dinner rolls.
Hilarybee December 7, 2010
I did taste it- it is a very mild, almost clear honey. It's sweet, but has an earthy, savory quality. I thought about putting it over cheese, I just didn't think it was a "special" enough use for my husband's gift. It would have to be a very good cheese.
mrslarkin December 7, 2010
oh, that sounds yummy! is it pourable or more solid? First, I'd taste it straight out of the jar. What's it taste like? Maybe you could drizzle it on some nice cheese and walnuts?
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