Looking for an innovative way to serve white truffle honey...

Sarah K. Lembo


aargersi February 10, 2015
Over these savory ebelskivers:

Also, a truffle honey vinaigrette on an arugula salad is pretty wonderful. All of that piled atop a white pizza or grilled flatbread is even more wonderful.
LeBec F. February 10, 2015
I was lucky enough to have some amazing truffle ice cream, and, w/ that in mind, am suggesting that your truffle honey would be wonderful drizzled over a tart plain or vanilla frozen yoghurt.
scruz February 9, 2015
i would drizzle over goat cheese and sprinkle with toast pine nuts. serve with crostini or good crackers. lucky you.
keg72 February 9, 2015
Two ideas for crostini -- (1) spread or spoon fresh ricotta on the toasts, top with toasted pine nuts and then drizzle with the honey or (2) drizzle it over Gorgonzola that you've melted slightly onto the toasts. I'm certain that the first one would be good and think the second would likely work well, too.
Danielle February 9, 2015
Came here to say something very similar to your first idea! I love a thick piece of rustic bread, toasted lightly over an open burner to get a bit of char, spread with ricotta, drizzled with truffle honey, and finished with freshly ground black pepper and a touch of lemon zest.
hardlikearmour February 9, 2015
I've just made this with regular honey, but think it would be fantastic with white truffle honey: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/tyler-florence/manchego-with-honey-brown-butter-sauce-recipe.html
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