I have an immersion blender that is at least 10 years old and still working. It really isn't possible to use it in a regular sized soup pot or Dutch oven without spraying. I have to ladle what I want to puree into the narrow plastic container that came with it and puree in small batches. I'm curious about whether newer, stronger, different brand might make a difference or is this nature of the immersion blender. Or maybe it's my technique that is the problem. Thanks.



X December 10, 2010
I discarded my ten year old Cuisinart immersion blender recently and purchased a new Bamix from Williams Sonoma. It is fabulous and there are no issues with splattering if it is submerged in liquid. The old Cuisinart blender was complicated with many different speeds (I only used the most powerful.) The Bamix blender is simpler to use (two speeds) and more powerful.
bella S. December 7, 2010
Our's is going on ten years old. I was going to say that as long as it's submerged it is fine. It's funny, but when I thought about it, I realized that I do tend to hold my left hand over the area where I am working. I don't know if it is just a habit, or if I need to. I will have to take note next time I use it.
SallyCan December 7, 2010
I still use the inexpensive immersion blender I got to make baby food for my son who is now 20, and if the pot is deep and there is enough liquid, tip the pot as vvvanessa says, working down in the corner, but with smaller quantities find it easier to use the narrow plastic container or a pyrex measuring cup.
vvvanessa December 7, 2010
as long as my blade is completely submerged before i start blending, it's fine. sometimes, if i'm working in a dutch oven or large pot, and whatever i'm blending is too shallow, i'll just tip the pot to the side until i'm sure the blades is well covered.
iuzzini December 7, 2010
Yes- I agree w nutcakes- no splattering if the blade is submerged- mine is probably 6-10 years old- I can't remember a time without it and its one of the tools I used most often in my kitchen.
nutcakes December 7, 2010
I've used them at other people's houses with no splattering as long as blade is submerged. It is on my xmas wish list.
Lukas V. December 7, 2010
Mine is a model from Williams Sonoma that is 6 or 7 years old, and I have never had major splatter issues with it. I use it fairly frequently.
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