Risotto Question - Cooking in a large pot.

I'm cooking Risotto for a decent sized group (8 people). Can I cook that much Risotto (about 3-4 cups of rice, I think) in one pot, a large dutch oven, without reducing quality? I assume I just follow the same I would for smaller, but add stock (a few ladles full) at a time? Want to ensure this will still be quality!



Wendy October 28, 2022
I am usually cooking risotto for a crowd, so yes. The most important detail about making risotto is adding the right amount of hot liquid at the right time. I add hot liquid in 1/2 cup increments and only when I see the bottom of the pan when stirring. The second most important detail is stirring so the rice releases the starch to give it a creamy texture. Also maximize the pot’s surface area for evaporation.
Deacon22 October 28, 2022
Thanks a lot!
Sharon K. October 29, 2022
Should you want to make quick work of this, cook it in a pressure cooker for 6 minutes! If there is any liquid when finished, just cook it down for a couple of minutes.
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