Le Creuset: Is this a difference between the Legumier pot and the French/Dutch oven? If so what is the difference?



cookbookchick October 25, 2013
I see that the LC legumier is on sale at Macy's through October /7. On the LC website, there is a traditionally shaped bean pot, stoneware not cast iron, but made in Thailand/China. No legumier on the LC website.
cookbookchick October 25, 2013
Oops! October 27
Greenstuff October 24, 2013
Le Creuset has been bringing back some of their old designs, and they have to give them distinctive names. Quickly casting about sites that are selling the Legumier, I'd say that it's either a little heavier or a little lighter than their Dutch oven (yes, there are both opinions!) and that the lid is a little tighter. But certainly, you could use either for whatever you're making.
jmburns October 24, 2013
Well I am not sure but a Legumier Pot would indicate that it is a "Bean Pot".
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