Should sriracha be refrigerated?

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Sara,Comerford December 17, 2013
I don't think it has to be but you could try reading the label if it says "refrigerate after opening" or not. If it doesn't say it I'm sure it's okay to keep it in the pantry. I always did.
Pegeen December 17, 2013
What a great success story. I didn't know that! Thanks.
Pegeen December 17, 2013
Pegeen December 17, 2013
Pierino, you're not serious? The air has become sri-wretched? Interesting that the factory get operating permits in the first place.
pierino December 17, 2013
Pegeen it's true. Sriracha is an amazing American success story. A vietnamese immigrant began making it at home and selling it door to door to San Gabriel Valley restaurants. It was quickly embraced by L.A. surfer culture where it was just known as "rooster sauce". And then it swept the country. As a former resident of an L.A. beach town I got to watch this whole thing unfold.
pierino December 16, 2013
Yes, do refrigerate after opening. Also, stock up now. The Huy Fong plant in Irwindale, CA has been shut down due to odor complaints from nearby homes. Possibly they will reopen in mid-January but they have to install some type of filtration system.

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dinner A. December 16, 2013
Sriracha, at least the commercially produced kind, won't spoil at room temperature, but if you don't go through the bottle after opening relatively quickly (maybe within 6 months or so?) it will become less potent, so I have started keeping mine in the fridge to slow that down.
TobiT December 16, 2013
I've also noticed that it starts to discolor after a couple months (open) at room temp. I don't know if it is a sign of spoilage or not, but when that vibrant orangey-red starts to take on a bit of brown-gray cast, I toss it out. Again, no idea if it is bad at that point, but I hate to risk it.
CelliSean December 16, 2013
Storebought sauces can generally be kept in the cupboard until opened and kept in the fridge after.

If you're making your own, it should probably be kept in the fridge unless sealed. Though a few hours or days outside (gifting or camping) it should be fine.
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