compost cookies

Has anyone made the Milk Bar Compost Cookies? The recipe calls for glucose (which I have never seen!) and I am wondering if anyone (1) knows where to get it and (2) if I can successfully substitute another ingredient. I want to get the best cookies possible!

  • Posted by: alygator
  • December 18, 2013


alygator December 19, 2013
Thank you, HalfPint! I really wanted to make special food gifts this year so I am going to attempt the Compost Cookies and the Cornflake Chocolate Chip Marshmallow Cookies. I really want them to be perfect! I can attest that you cannnot fuss with the Milk Bar recipes - I had a friend who made the Crack Pie with egg beaters. I think you guess that the results were not good!
HalfPint December 19, 2013
Egg beaters, huh? Well, I substituted corn syrup (per Tosi's recommendation)and the cookies turned out fine. Not quite sure what the function of the glucose could be since it's only 2TB, so I didn't bother to go out and look for it (I figure Whole Foods would have it, but good to know that you can get at the drugstore).

Was disappointed with the Cornflake marshmallow cookies because the marshmallows just disappeared into the cookie (yeah, I was wanting that stringy marshmallow just like the photo). Best of luck with the baking. I baked these cookies for a charity bake sale and both went over well with buyers.
HalfPint December 19, 2013
I've made the Compost Cookies from that cookbook and believe me, the success of the cookies depends on following the directions to the letter. When the recipe says to beat the dough for 7 minutes, do that. Most important is to make sure that the dough is thoroughly chilled before baking. I scooped out the dough onto a quarter sheet tray and chilled overnight. If the dough isn't well chilled, it will be one big runny mess when it bakes.

This is just my opinion:
This cookie has great flavor. Love the salty/sweet combo. I did found the texture to be a bit too 'hard' for my preference. I like more chewy cookies as opposed to crisp ones. Now if someone can make the compose cookies more chewy, I'd be all over it.
alygator December 19, 2013
Thank you both!
plainhomecook December 19, 2013
You can also get glucose at the drug store. They sell it in bottles for diabetics to use in emergencies.
Danee December 18, 2013
Use light corn syrup. I believe you can order liquid glucose online. I made these cookies using corn syrup and they turned out just fine.
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