Carrot and Turnip storage

I just received a ton of carrots and hakurei turnips from my CSA, which normally wouldn't be a problem, but I'm going on vacation for a week starting tomorrow. Do you think the two will last in my crisper? Or should I shlep them with me, cross country on my back?

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1 Comment

SeaJambon December 20, 2013
They will both be fine. Make sure the tops are clipped off about one inch (you don't want any of the green stuff) and they will keep for several weeks just fine. Think for a minute about carrots (or beets for that matter) at the grocery store -- the really fresh ones still have their tops on, while there are typically also an assortment that are "clip top". Those tops are clipped off because if you saw the green you wouldn't see fresh -- but the actual root is still just fine. Sure, not as pristine fresh and delightful, but absolutely usable.
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