I have a jar of Eat17 Bacon Jam. Any suggestions for how to use it? I'm at a loss aside from pairing it with eggs.

  • Posted by: sarahjax
  • December 21, 2013


LE B. December 23, 2013
you could add it to soft butter and use on biscuits, etc.
cratecooking December 21, 2013
Brie and water crackers are also an easy pairing.
QueenSashy December 21, 2013
with savory pancakes and cream cheese for breakfast...
healthierkitchen December 21, 2013
on a cheese and cracker platter...

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Merrill S. December 21, 2013
I think it would be pretty great in a grilled cheese sandwich.
sexyLAMBCHOPx December 21, 2013
You could add it to savory cocktail cookies, a sandwich spread, a hamburger or make a salad dressing with some.
Monita December 21, 2013
Start with the company's website. They have some suggestions
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