Has anyone tried alternate method? Nervous that my oven will stay at high heat and never make it back to 350!

  • Posted by: slidedtd
  • December 25, 2013


slidedtd January 22, 2014
I followed the recipe and it was perfect (a little salty so will dial that down next time), though I never bothered with the horseradish cream sauce or mushrooms (blech!) . I opted for a nice au jus made with drippings and stock mmmm
Victoria R. December 25, 2013
Oops ...I'm not sure that my answer was added. Follow the directions on the recipe as the time for the oven to lower was also calculated into the final cooking time of the roast. The temperature of the oven will lower surprisingly quickly when a cold pan and piece of meat gets added. The recipe was tested by a food52 recipe tester who has been on the team virtually as long as the website has been around. If she'd had a problem with the temperature or time, she would have noted it in her notes! I'd stick to the recipe. Enjoy your roast!
sexyLAMBCHOPx December 25, 2013
FYI - Last night my MIL served Prime Rib, roasted in the oven with an herb crust. It was delicious. She did go high for 20 minutes and then low. I don't think she thought about the time it would take to come down. Use your meat thermometer, and start high. If you know your oven, take it out and let it come to 350 and then put it in. You will do great!
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