so many lemons, so little time...

I have a grocery bag full of lemons! Garden variety I think, not Meyer or anything, but very fragrant. Suggestions on storing them? Making the most of them? thanks!



Casey January 11, 2014
Yes, not as chilling as ice but doesn't dilute your drink.
Sometimes I use grapes too.
(Seedless ones are delicious eaten straight from the freezer too!)
LeBec F. January 10, 2014
really? i had no idea they could be frozen like that; must try soon.
Casey January 10, 2014
A bit late with this, but for future reference.
I keep a good supply of lemon and lime wedges in my freezer to add to drinks.
boulangere December 26, 2013
I made several half-pint jars of preserved lemons to give as Christmas gifts, using David Lebovitz's recipe. I swear by it:
dymnyno December 26, 2013
Lazy Mary's Lemon Tart on food52 site.
ZombieCupcake December 26, 2013
Could make some potpourri with lavender
Bill F. December 26, 2013
Here's a link to a great preserved lemon recipe.
Maedl December 26, 2013
My absolute favorite, lemon meringue pie, uses up a fair amount of lemons. If you have a large jar, you can also make preserved lemons. The most simple way is to slice the lemons almost, but not all the way, through, and place them into the jar with lots of salt, making sure to salt where you have cut the lemon open. You can add spices as well, if you like, but they are optional. Paula Wolfert’s recipe is a good guide.

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tunie December 26, 2013
I live in a meyer lemon orchard and have a couple ideas, though most are obvious. Lemon curd is the most obvious - a year's worth will use up a lot of lemons. Ditto lemoncello and preserved lemons. You can also grate and dehydrate the rind, before juicing, on as many as you have the patience for and sprinkle throughout the year in baking or on steamed veggies, fish or chicken dishes. Adds so much fresh flavor. Make a lemon simple syrup to add to homemade salad dressings, cocktails or to drizzle over gingerbread cake or blueberry pancakes, etc... Juice a couple pints worth and freeze in ice cube trays that you empty into ziplocks for easy to use portions. Also, lemon ice cream with blueberries, mmm..
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