Not a question, but -- I'm now the proud owner of a new Viking carving set, since my Foodpickle prize came in today, along with my bunch of OXO goodies for being a finalist in the cauliflower contest! Many thanks, OXO, Viking, and A&M! Early Christmas fun at my house!

  • Posted by: Kayb
  • December 9, 2010


TiggyBee December 10, 2010
pierino, I'm still waiting too... But I'm all for anything that helps your conscience....
pierino December 9, 2010
Damn! Where's mine? Still waiting because I be doin' a whole lot carvin' soon.

I do this for the fun, but I must admit that the swag is cool. But also I've approached editorial about trying to establish a channel to donate stuff (I have plenty of "stuff" already) to a charitable cause such as Share Our Strength. Might help my conscience.
nutcakes December 9, 2010
Lucky you. Envy. I just found out I won something a month or so ago. I hope to get it before the holiday. Viking carving set sounds cool. I also want an immersion blender that I saw someone else won.
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