The TV Dinner Challange.

Using a sectional microwaveable or oven proof dinner plate. Make a balanced meal. TV dinner style. Something to be frozen...and reheated for a meal.

  • Posted by: Sam1148
  • December 29, 2013


luvcookbooks December 30, 2013
Hi. Some plastic containers are microwaveable and sectioned for individual meals. I like brown rice with chickpea curry (mix together so the rice doesn't dry out) with spinach sauteed in olive oil or butter and garlic in the second container and carrots steamed with salt and pepper, lemon juice and parsley in the third section. Can do the same thing with lasagna or rice and beans, can use other vegetables. Ravioli in tomato sauce also make a delicious main dish and freeze and reheat well. Macaroni and cheese.
kimhw December 29, 2013
I also make the same with a chicken variation with feta, calamata olives, sundried tomatoes. Yummy!
kimhw December 29, 2013
Some of my favorites don't even need sections. I a "package". Lay out 6 large piece of foil, in the center if each add a handful of cooked brown rice, a handful of raw baby spinach, a handful if green beans, top with a salmon filet. Mix up 1 1/2 cups of white wine, chopped garlic, thinly sliced onion, salt pepper and just a splash of lemon juice. Mix and then scoop over each packet. Crimp the edges together and fold over the ends. Place each in a quart size freezer container, make sure to label them.
I like to take it out if the freezer and into the fridge in the morning. Then into a 400 degree oven for just 18-20 minutes. It's healthy, flavorful and satisfying.
Sam1148 December 29, 2013
Include side dishes instead making it a big frozen casserole thing.
If you have suggestions for cook ware and sectional divided dishes...freezing techniques. Post them!

Okay. Using New Years Eve leftovers.

Baked Ham with a sauce and a pineapple ring in main section. Candied Yams or mashed potatoes in the other (sub black eyed peas with a frozen compound butter for a starch option).
Hummm...collards or kale might not freeze well. How about blanched green beans with compound butter.
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