Oven smokes when cooking sheet pan meals

Whenever I make a sheet pan dinner, my oven gets splattered with oil from the food. Then my whole house gets smoky. What am I doing wrong?



PHIL September 24, 2019
What exactly is smoking, the food? the bottom of the oven?
HalfPint September 23, 2019
Sheet pan might not be large enough for the amount of food. When you are cooking with oil, splattering is almost a given. Having enough surface area, can keep the splattering to a minimal, but there's still going to be oil splatters. How much oil are you using? Which goes to what @boulangere asked: how hot is the oven temp?

There might be a little water on the surface of the food, contributing to the splattering.

I would also check the oven. When was it last cleaned? Is there remnants of older food that dripped and got baked on the racks, oven floor, and/or heating element?
boulangere September 23, 2019
What combination of sheet-panning and at what temperature are you baking it?
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