Favorite prep for new potatoes and caviar?

Seattle Mark


KateSlim March 23, 2023
I recommend making potato pancakes with cream cheese and black caviar.
amysarah December 30, 2013
If you can get very small new potatoes, par boil them (until just tender), drain and smash - I use a meat mallet, but any improvised weapon of minimal-destruction will do. Heat vegetable oil in a skillet until very hot and fry the smashed rounds until crispy (seasoned very lightly with s&p.) Drain well on paper towel/brown paper and serve hot, with a cool blob of creme fraiche (or sour cream) and a little caviar. Smoked salmon or trout works well too - in which case, sprinkle with chopped fresh chives.
bigpan December 30, 2013
I used to enjoy caviar on a (cooked) slice of a red potato. About 1/8" thick with a smear of sour cream.
Now I prefer to make mashed potato with sour cream in it, serve a tablespoon or two warm (not hot) in a martini glass, a healthy dollop of ice cold caviar on top with a garnish of finely chopped scallion. If you can find miniature martini glasses, good, but the best visual is to use small glasses. Serve with your old ivory (now banned) spoons, although my guests understand why I always grab some small plastic spoon/paddles from a gelatto shop.
ChefJune December 30, 2013
I like to roast them whole, then take a melon baller and scoop out a niche on the top and fill it with caviar. Top with a dollop of sour cream or creme fraiche. [If the potato is to round on the bottom, slice off a bit so it sits upright.]
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