Is there a difference between sultana and golden raisins (see below)?

My research concludes sultanas are just seedless, white grapes, but the sultanas I've tasted in Spain, France and Italy taste so different from golden raisin in US. I'm thinking golden raisins in US are from a different grape variety than Euro/Turkish, which seems to have sweet tobacco notes? Thoughts? Thanks, Food52ers!

Alexandra Holbrook


Alexandra H. December 31, 2013
Thanks, HalfPint! I agree- the taste is hard to describe. I was thinking fresh, sweet pipe tobacco or Spanish moscatel. I might try a nearby Turkish/Armenian store.
HalfPint December 31, 2013
Sultanas are definitely from different white grapes. The sultanas that I get from my local Persian market are bigger and with a different sweetness (can't quite describe it). I don't taste tobacco notes, but then I've never been a smoker. They are often used interchangeably. But you're correct, the flavors can be different.
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