Another Recipe Search: Rustic Baguette w/Raisins

At every French (or French-style) cheese shop I've been to, there's a pile of golden brown, all-white flour baguettes, and a pile of grayish-brown, thick-crusted baguettes, often with raisins -- seriously chewy, but not rye-bread-bitter that goes wonderfully well with cheese. I'm a serious bread baker and this chewy version is one that I love, but is missing from my repertoire. Since I don't know it's proper name besides "May I have a loaf of that, please?" as I point, it's difficult to find a recipe on line. Help?



stack May 16, 2011
Sounds to me like you are talking about breads with a percentage of whole wheat flour (10% and up will give you that grey-brown look), and raisins mixed in. As suggested above, you can take a standard baguette recipe, substitute some whole-wheat for white flour, and add raisins (and walnuts?). Usually breads like this are formed as batards or boules, not baguettes though.
boulangere May 15, 2011
Do you have any of Peter Reinhart's books? He has several recipes using raisins. Alternatively, make his baguette and add raisins to it (soak them first in hot water).
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