Can I cook the yellow cakes for The Grown-up Birthday cake the night before? Here's the recipe for the cake...

  • Posted by: mosteff
  • December 10, 2010


nutcakes December 10, 2010
Pretty much all cake is better wrapped airtight and sat overnight.
Midge December 10, 2010
You absolutely can bake the layers the night before. Like iuzzini says, it really is better the next day or even the day after that. I hope you like it!
iuzzini December 10, 2010
Mmm with the wine, vanilla, and olive oil, it might be one of those cakes that is better the next day. :) Let us know!
mosteff December 10, 2010
Great - thought so but wanted to be sure.
drbabs December 10, 2010
You could email Midge directly, but I would think so. Just let the layers cool completely and them wrap them well.
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