I found this recipe and am intrigued by the "sauce". I have access to alot of Blood oranges ripening right now and would like to make this. I am c...

...onfused by the "peeled and skinned" blood oranges. Do you peel off the zest to use and throw away the pith? Do you supreme the segments and throw away the "skin"? Why don't you "peel and skin" the regular orange? Maybe you just chop everything up, cook, then strain later? I am probably making too much out of this, but I'm not sure what it is supposed to be like when finished - chunky, or smooth? Thanks, Pegg

  • Posted by: peggyg
  • January 1, 2014
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1 Comment

LeBec F. January 1, 2014
Just to offer a different point of view, this recipe really does not appeal to me, and for a few reasons. One, the stuffing treatment sounds very flavorful as it is. These sauce ingreds are going to produce a very sweet sauce. The OJ, and esp the liquer and port (port is usually reserved for rich meats like goose, duck, pork). I do not see the sauce going well with the stuffing, way too sweet (i wouldn't eat feta with orange marmalade either.) I would opt for serving this recipe with some reduced chicken juices and maybe some lemon juice. serve with a grain like couscous or wheatberries or red quinoa, and sauteed kale or chard or spinach.
The red wine OJ sauce could go over ice cream.....
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