New Year's Lobster, e now Lobster Stock, is in search of how to best use...

So I took all the lobster shells from our New Year’s Eve dinner and created a great lobster stock yesterday. I have about 8-12 cups. What would be the best recipe for use of this stock? I have a brand new immersion blender and am partial to soups this time of year, but not a typical creamy lobster bisque. Something with a bit of cream is OK though. Most soups use chicken or beef stock, but I wonder if I can substitute lobster stock, and not including ramen/udon noodle soups, what soup recipe would be best? I am not planning on freezing the stock so I have about a week to find the perfect use. Ideas greatly appreciated, thank you!

  • Posted by: bmgid
  • January 2, 2014


bmgid January 4, 2014
Thanks to everyones ideas. Im going risotto or paella depending on available seafood. Much thanks!
mickle January 3, 2014
Use stock to make a Thai shrimp soup--shrimp, hot pepper flakes or jalepeno, fish sauce, shredded napa cabbage, s/p, a little chopped cilantro to garnish
Pegeen January 3, 2014
Along LBF's seafood ideas - as a broth for mussels. The tomato base would be lovely, some wine, garlic, parsley.
Chef K. January 2, 2014
A Paella would be really nice too! A few fresh seafood items and the rice cooked with your stock:) Sounds delicious!
bmgid January 2, 2014
Dig the seafood stew and risotto ideas, much thanks Pegeen & Le Bec Fin!!! If only I had my fresh picked tomatoes now too :-) I did kick up the stock a bit though with some tomato paste which should work nicely with both ideas. Much Thanks!!!
Pegeen January 2, 2014
In case it's helpful:
How to Make Any Risotto in Five Steps:
LeBec F. January 2, 2014
Add stock to tomatoes as base for seafood stew, bouillabaise, cioppino, etc. Combine with milk for grits cooking liquid. serve cajun spiced shrimp over the grits. Make Avgolemeno soup using lobster stock instead of chicken stock and sfd in place of chicken.

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Pegeen January 2, 2014
The lobster stock would be great for risotto. I'm assuming all the lobster meat was gobbled up but you could add shrimp instead.

You could make this recipe substituting the hot lobster stock for chicken stock. You could also sub white wine for the Pernod if you don't have any handy. I've made this several times without preserved lemons - just substitute a tablespoon or two of grated fresh lemon rind.
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