How to roast lobster?

I like the idea of steaming lobster, to preserve the flavour, and it also tasted better than roasted lobster the last time I ate it. However I want the lobster to have to essence of a roast meal, so kind of like roast chicken or beef. So how would I do this? Is

Anna A
  • Posted by: Anna A
  • December 10, 2013


Pegeen December 10, 2013
Chris, thank you for that link. It's now on my list for a special dinner for two.
Greenstuff December 10, 2013
Pegeen is absolutely right. I wouldn't roast,pan-roast, or grill lobsters unless that activity was the main event.
Pegeen December 10, 2013
The recipe Chris linked to by Jasper White is lovely. But Anna, just a note that it takes a lot of quick attention at the end. Or you will wind up with some very expensive rubber. If this is a holiday dinner, I'd want to be sure I had enough help in the kitchen to deal with anything else that needs to be cooked simultaneously. Someone needs to deal with the lobster and nothing else. And everybody better sit down right away, as soon as it's ready. None of that "we're still opening our presents" stuff. ;-)
Pegeen December 10, 2013
Anna A, I think I understand what you mean, about pushing the state of taste. But it's not an easily-reached state, for lobster to taste like meat.

Their flesh is delicate, doesn't spend long in development and doesn't have much juice to give up while being cooked. Roasting is a reach, with a lobster.

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Greenstuff December 10, 2013
You can't get better advice than from Jasper White, New England's seafood rock star. He's spent a lot of time refining methods for pan-roasted lobster, letting the method evolve to include both the oven and the stove. You can find his basic method at
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