What are the best apples to use in a farro/Kale salad?

I'm thinking of Honey Crisp or Pink Lady. Pink Ladies have this sweet/sour/floral taste. Any ideas? Farro Kale salad with pecorino and lemon olive oil chili vinaigrette.

James Durazzo


Pegeen January 9, 2014
If you'd like to tinker with dehydrating the apples yourself, it's pretty easy to do in the oven. There are plenty of links - here's one:
To rehydrate them, soaking them in the vinaigrette for a few minutes before serving should soften them up enough. You still want some chewiness / texture.
James D. January 8, 2014
Dried apples,, hmmmm. Sounds intriguing, I'm thinking, how would I hydrate them? Do they have to be hydrated, or can the vinaigrette soften them in advance? Or should I blend them into the vinaigrette? So many ideas, my mind is spinning.
Pegeen January 8, 2014
You are lucky to have access to great markets. Was just thinking that good dried apples, being sweeter, could be nice with kale and the tartness of the vinaigrette.
James D. January 8, 2014
I've yet to get my hands on some winesaps, it's hard to get them in Brooklyn unless I hunt for them at a farmers market. But these are all good suggestions. Thanks. Other people might not notice a difference while eating a salad, but for foodies like us, we have a keen sense of these things.
Pegeen January 8, 2014
Honeycrisp, Pink Lady, Cortland, Northern Spy, Macoun, Winesap - it's hard to pick one of these over the other for a salad (vs applesauce or pies). None are as tart as Granny Smiths. The ones Healthierkitchen mentions are Ginger Gold and they'd be tasty in a kale salad too.
healthierkitchen January 8, 2014
There are these really ugly ones I get at my farmstand that might be called ginger gold or something like that...they'd be really good too . You might just want to taste a couple of types. I don't think you'll go wrong with Pink Lady though, if you've already got them
James D. January 8, 2014
Cool, I guess I'll have to add Honeycrisp to my list. Ultimately I do want something with slight acidity, but not as much as a Granny Smith.

healthierkitchen January 8, 2014
I bet either would taste great, but my personal pick would probably be Honeycrisp - more sweet, less sour to balance the kale and the vinaigrette. Sounds delicious!
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