What kind of olive oil do you think is the "best"?

Erin K
  • Posted by: Erin K
  • January 2, 2011


healthierkitchen January 2, 2011
Sur la Table has tastings as do some Whole Foods. I have a vendor at my local farm markets who carries Italian and California varieties and will provide tastes. For a better quality oilive oil, this is a cheaper way to test than to buy them all. For everyday use and cooking, the ones I like are both Spanish: Trader Joe's house brand Spanish blend and Zoe.
Erin K. January 2, 2011
Thanks :) I will have to try some out.
lastnightsdinner January 2, 2011
I've got three in my kitchen right now - an inexpensive blend of olive oils from Greece, Spain, and Italy for cooking; a slightly more expensive Sicilian oil which I love for vinaigrettes; and a spendy bottle (also Sicilian) which is used solely for finishing dishes. As Soozll says, it really is a matter of personal taste - I tend to like more peppery oils like the Sicilian ones I have, but there are so many different olive oils out there you should really try to taste and figure out what you like best.
Soozll January 2, 2011
It's really a matter of personal taste; the oils can differ by where the olives are harvested (Italy, Spain, Greece, California..) and the strength of the flavors. You should really taste several to decide...which is hard to do, I know! It also depends on what you are using the oil for; you need lighter oils for some applications, like sauteing and heavier, bolder extra virgins for dipping bread or using as a garnish for soups or vegetables. Personally, I find many extra virgins too heavy and bold in flavor, so I use a medium oil most of the time, but again, it's my personal preference. Not much help, right? Sorry!
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