Copy the taste of Nestle Toll House mint chip

How much Wilton Peppermint Extract should I use with a 10 oz pkg of Nestles Toll House semi sweet chocolate morsels. They used to sell the semi sweet mint, however, to my surprise I have searched everywhere and cannot find them. Thank you.

Anita Law


Nancy December 31, 2020
Anita -
Wondering if this another shortage related to heavy buying or baking during Covid-19 pandemic. Or just a quirk of manufacturing, coincident with the virus.
Before you go to mint extract, maybe buy some chocolate chip bars flavored with mint - and use them, broken up, to replace the mint chocolate chips in the recipe.
If still nothing in the stores, I would use mint extract in small amount to start.
If your cookie recipe has - for example - 1 tsp vanilla, I would use about 1/2 tsp mint extract for the whole batch.
Mix in. Test bake one cookie. If good, bake the rest of the batch.
If not strong enough, add another 1/4 tsp mint extract, mix in, proceed with another test cooked.
Anita L. December 31, 2020
Thank you so much!! I have considered Andes chips; but wow they are very pricey! I figured it wouldn’t take much Extract and easy to overdo it. I didn’t think about baking one cookie!! Great idea very helpful. Thanks again.
Nancy December 31, 2020
Meant "chocolate bars flavored with mint." Usually British or Swiss brands. See imported or candy section of grocery stores.
Nancy December 31, 2020
Or maybe start with a lower amount of mint extract, 1/4 tsp.
Anita L. December 31, 2020
I thought that’s what you meant ! Thanks
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