Caramelized onion help

I'm an hour into caramelizing onions, but thy need more one and I need to leave. Why should I do? Can I refrigerate and come bck to them in a few hours (like 3). Should I leave them out? Will I have to start from scratch?

  • Posted by: ATG117
  • January 15, 2014


amysarah January 15, 2014
Refrigerated or left covered (with heat turned off)and finished later - caramelized onions are very forgiving. They'll be fine. Nothing precise about them.
bigpan January 15, 2014
I often start them in the afternoon and finish them just before dinner service. Yes, cover them...I leave them out with the burner off (not on low). Reheat (or finish heating) with the cover off. With the cover on you are steaming them.
Slow and low is the best way.
ATG117 January 15, 2014
I refrigerated. Hoping for the best. Thanks!
cookbookchick January 15, 2014
Just seeing this, so you may already have left, but I think you can stop and finish them later. Leave them out or refrigerate, imo either would be fine.
Pegeen January 15, 2014
I'd just cover them and leave them out if it's not going to be longer than 3 hours. I'm not sure if refrigerating would cause them to "firm up" too much before you've got the end result you want. Good luck!
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