I made Caramelized Onion dip from scratch this weekend but have a ton leftover. What can I do with it?

It's just red onion, dried thyme, s&p, cream cheese and sour cream.

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Fat T. February 4, 2015
Try adding it to a grilled cheese sandwich. I did the same with an onion relish and the sandwich was a hit.
Nancy February 4, 2015
Use instead of beaten eggs or a French mayo-mustard spread to coat some protein (fish, chicken) or sliced vegv
(Eggplant et am) before baking. Optional to dip the wet-coated food in crunchy extras (chopped nuts, bread crumbs, crumbled unsweet breakfast cereal), then bake.

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keg72 February 3, 2015
Send it to me?? I love caramelized onion dip!! Actually, I have an excellent use for it -- use it in mashed potatoes, adding milk (or cream or your liquid of choice) to thin out the potatoes to your desired consistency.
Stephanie February 3, 2015
A few ideas:
- Add to scrambled eggs (I recently had some leftover chile cheese dip and did this - yum!)
- Thin with a bit of buttermilk and use as a pasta or salad dressing
- Use in a chicken marinade (you'll probably need to add a bit more acid - wine vinegar or lemon juice
- Or go old school and find a casserole recipe...it should be fine to toss some in that ;-)
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