My mother-in-law made "meat on a stick". I think it was chunks of pork and beef dipped in oil alternated on skewers. I can't duplicate this.

  • Posted by: baker2
  • January 16, 2014


Greenstuff January 17, 2014
Have you checked out this one?
It's for Patyczki (Polish breaded meat kebabs).
inpatskitchen January 17, 2014
I agree with chicken with pork and veal. here's my easy recipe:
baker2 January 17, 2014
This looks a lot like hers. Thank you. I will try this. There is another by Chris for Polish breaded meat kebabs. Between the two I think I will finally find the answer. My problem was the meat was always tough.
S January 17, 2014
Kind of sounds like City Chicken, except City Chicken was usually pork and veal cubes. If you Google City Chicken you'll find lots of recipes and several explanations of how it got its name.
baker2 January 16, 2014
After dipping these in oil she rolled them in seasoned bread crumb, then put on skewers. Someone told me this might be an adapted polish recipe.
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