sugar wafer recipe for homemade kit kats

I'm interested in making some homemade kitkats, or at least just the filling and topping. Is there a good recipe someone can direct me to for sugar wafers? Or maybe a commercial brand of plain, unfilled wafer?



Greenstuff January 19, 2014
Try looking for tort wafers. They're available on line.
LeBec F. January 19, 2014
tiffany, just fyi, the way to post a link is to go to the top bar of the recipe page that has the web address of the page you want to link to.right click on it so it changes color, left click Copy. Then go back to the 52 question and the reply box, and right click
Paste into the box. The recipe's web address should appear in the Reply box.
tiffanylee January 19, 2014
Sorry, I don't know how to put a link here, it's fairy gingerbread cookies at cooks country
tiffanylee January 19, 2014
There is a recipe from Americas test kitchen or cooks country for fairy ginger cookies that looks to be the texture your looking for if you omit the ginger of course.
LeBec F. January 18, 2014
i'm going to guess that to reproduce that styrofoam texture, you would need industrial equipment.
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